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Chronicling my design contributions to open-source Bitcoin.

Chronicling my design contributions to open-source Bitcoin.

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Also want to mention two links that stood out this week:A guide for bitcoin open-source grant seekersA Framework for Sustainable Open-Source Bitcoin DevelopmentHoping that we can get the design community through phase 3 of the framework mentioned above. Will …


Last mile solar mining UX citizenship

Almost forgot, the design challenges page went live. Very curious if we'll see some people taking them.Have a good weekend.👋


Stratospheric merchant bees

Also fun, refining the Alby browser extension icons to ensure it's clear when lightning is supported in the site, when Alby is connected, etc (issue, design).


More easter, open design & explorations

Also spent a bit of time mocking-up explorer screens for the Bitcoin Core App. The first version of the app will focus on running a node and didn't offer much functionality beyond that. Including a block explorer will make it more useful for developers, and c…


Clean-up & easter

And that's it. Happy Easter. For more, check out the latest bitcoin design newsletter.


Conferences & re-orgs

Two conversations that stuck out this week. One was about labelling. People love to discuss general terms like "wallet" and what exactly they imply. My opinion is that they don't mean much because they are abstract words representing a whole category of thing…


Open design

What an interesting week it's been.The Shock the Web hackathon wrapped up with presentations and awards on Monday. It's definitely proven that building applications on Lightning is really easy now. Still has it's complexities naturally, but you don't need to …


Activity & excitement

Somehow, many other calls also piled up this week. One with a young designer from Nigeria who wants to start contributing, another session on feedback on the design guide, a small design session and a larger project call on the JoinMarket UI, a new member mix…


A more usable guide

Which leads me to a bigger thought. The guide is quite a beast now and the content has gotten very detailed in certain areas. I assume this makes it much harder for newcomers to contribute. Several people joined the community the past week and messaged me and…



Same for the JoinMarket call. The group reviewed the UI and discussed user feedback and next steps. There are some really interesting UX problems to be solved related to the ambiguities around privacy.



Short update for this week as school was off for the holidays, and like many people here, we went skiing with the family. Thanks to all who covered me with the newsletter, community call, etc.The JoinMarket web UI is now live as an app on Umbrel (announcement…


What's in a name?

Took quite some iteration to get there, and it leads to a bigger issue that we've encountered a few times already in bitcoin UX - the best ways to abstract technology for users (without the featured "dumbing it down" or compromising core principles). For the …


Activity, contacts & icons

Both activity and contacts are concepts that sound very basic for any wallet to support. But I really haven't seen one that actually implements them well. I hope that by putting good references designs out there, we can help move things forward.Thanks for all…


V2 & V∞

Most of this week was about launching V2 of the guide. Was fun to celebrate this a bit with everyone on the community call.


Documents & videos

Let's start with the design guide. We'll launch the V2 next Wednesday. The last issue is being wrapped up today and the crew started preparing the launch (via newsletter, Twitter thread, Medium post, Bitcoin Magazine article, and community call). This has bee…



The JoinMarket Web UI project is also making good progress. While I was mostly off over Christmas and New Years, the rest of the team has made fantastic progress. In a way, there have been two efforts over the last months. One the one hand, we explored new de…


Ivory tower

This was a week where I mostly wore my community manager hat. Editing the Bitcoin Design newsletter and organizing the community calls always takes a certain amount of time. In addition, the FOSDEM presentation recording is due today, and Johns and I have bee…


Ramping up

It's only been a week, but things are in full swing again. It's going to be another really interesting year.An episode of the S.O.S. Design (Sustain Open Source Design) podcast with Conor and I went live. Really enjoyed this one, big thanks to the hosts. Don'…



I'm setting up this blog/newsletter to better document my Bitcoin & open-design contributions. So far, I've posted videos on my YouTube, design files on Figma community, stored visuals on Github, general thoughts on Twitter, and process updates in the Bit…