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By Christoph Ono, builder at GBKS, and tweetable at @GBKS.

A Cross-Platform, Global Network


Our future depends on our ability to continually learn from a global audience that is engaged on many platforms, and to use that knowledge to make better news and entertainment. As a global company, we are learning from more markets, which gives us an advantage over competitors that are primarily in one country. As a company that makes content in many formats, for many platforms, we can learn more than a competitor that is primarily a website, or just a collection of YouTube channels, or just an app. Likewise, as a company that makes news, entertainment, and lifestyle content, we can learn more about our audience than a company narrowly focused on a single-content vertical. Increasingly, we are also learning about how content moves between countries and across platforms. We see a post like “26 Problems Only Anxious People Will Understand” with 10 million views on our site evolve into multiple videos with 10 million views across YouTube and Facebook (including this one from Australia) and turned into a comic on Instagram and into our Snapchat Discover channel. We see a news story like artists reacting to the Syrian crisis originally by a reporter in our London office or a first-person essay about taking in Syrian refugees originally written in German from one of our Berlin reporters viewed over 3 million times because of translations to five languages. Or a story that first goes viral in Germany, is translated, and goes viral in the U.S. and globally. Or a video on how to make three-ingredient Nutella brownies that got over 75 million views in five languages. We are establishing a global adaptation desk and a new collaboration process with BFMP to facilitate cross-platform adaptations, and our tech team is building exciting new tools to support this work.