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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono
And it’s a wrap, the Bitcoin Designathon 2022 is officially complete. Time to take a deep breath and relax (even for just a moment). It was really fun and exciting, but also a lot to organize. Check out the presentation video below if you have time. There are also a few Twitter threads:

Bitcoin Designathon Presentations
Bitcoin Designathon Presentations
An article summarizing the whole event is also in the works, and should be coming up Monday or Tuesday.
I was really amazed that we ended up with so many presentations in the end. Several days into the event, we were worried whether we would even get 5 presentations. Working in public is definitely not yet second nature to most, and slow starts with scrambling in the end also seem to be normal. Really cool to see the community come together like this.
Organizationally, I think everything worked out very well. There are of course a few learnings, positive and negative, but overall it seems like it was a good experience for the community. I’ll have to do a bit of a personal retrospective on it and think about how to adjust moving forward (totally normal thing to do after any sort of project).
Saving Satoshi will continue post-designation with Legends of Lightning. Jonas put together a nice summary video.
Saving Satoshi #Designathon Recap
Saving Satoshi #Designathon Recap
Would be amazing to get a live site with 2-3 lessons designed and built in the next month. But we’ll see. Here are some more rough design explorations (and the Figma file).
Saving Satoshi design update: The 51% attack
Saving Satoshi design update: The 51% attack
I wish I had had more time to investigate Taro during the Designathon (Jakub did a presentation on universes). It’s a topic that I think would be good to cover more in the community and guide.
But first things first. Next Thursday and Friday I’ll be at the Push UX conference. I applied to speak about Bitcoin Design, but didn’t make the cut. However, Thursday evening I’ll still speak at the Bitcoin Munich Meetup. Then Saturday I’ll be off to Barcelona for a Bitcoin Design core meetup. First time to get (almost) the whole group together, hang out, discuss, and scheme. I am researching how to set up a Bitcoin Design Foundation to manage a treasury for grants, bounties, etc, to propose there. So plenty of action the next few days.
After Barcelona though, I hope things calm down a bit so I can focus more on project work. It’s difficult to find deep focus when balancing all these other things.
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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono @gbks

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