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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono
Vacation was fantastic. Actually so busy that I didn’t have much time to think about bitcoin and the various things I help out with. Only things I tuned into during that time were a Shock the Web hackathon panel discussion I was part of, and the DraperX demo day, which was really interesting. Sad I missed the rest of the hackathon though.
Coming back after a vacation always results in having to catch up with lots of emails and tasks, as well as spending time prioritizing and planning. While there are some exciting new things to get into, I see a handful of ongoing efforts that need to be pushed over the finishing line:
  • The daily spending wallet refinement milestone, which has been dragging on for a bit. Finishing this will allow us discuss next goals for the guide.
  • An accessibility testing session, and filing issues with the respective projects, together with Mo. We did the research and content work with the Accessibility page, testing and filing issues will create IRL changes.
  • Restructuring the UI Kit, which has been a long time coming and should allow for more and better collaboration around it.
  • The Bitcoin Design Sprint, which needs more specific deliverables and a timeline. Then we can figure out what to do next with the sprint format.
  • Would also be nice to finalize the design for the new Stratum V2 site, although I think Gene and Vic have a good handle on that.
Something big I need to dedicate time for very soon is iterating the Bitcoin Core App design. Development is progressing on the node runner, and we need a good design roadmap for the full wallet functionality. There will also be a need to design a website for the new application, and possibly a revision of This is such a central project that I want to make sure I don’t mess up too hard, and it’s also important to accompany the development process.
Loads more going on, but that’s what came to mind right now. I’ll leave you with this tweet below about two different approaches to first-use user flows. Let me know what you think.

Christoph Ono
Exploring approaches to a first-use experience for a lightning wallet ( Take people through everything upfront, or ask them later in context? One is more explicit (builds confidence?), the other is less friction.
Happy Friday 👋
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Christoph Ono
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