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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono
Well, the Baltic Honeybadger conference was amazing. 99% of people I met were builders working on all sorts of cool projects, and it was fantastic to finally meet so many in person who I had only known via the Internet so far. Major props to Johns who kept it secret that he was going in order to surprise me. Lots of people were aware of the Bitcoin Design Community, also super great to see. While bitcoin might be sometimes perceived as “old and boring” in the broader crypto space, there was no sense of that at the conference. Tons of interesting stuff being dreamt up, improved, and built around every aspect of bitcoin (with lots of unknowns as well). And we need tons of design work to make it real and usable by as many people as possible. Exciting times ahead. Next conference I’ll go to will be Bitcoin Amsterdam.

Meeting up in Riga.
Meeting up in Riga.
And the Designathon is on (final name is still being voted on). We discussed various aspects of it in the community call and people are excited. Since it will start on October 12, we now need to quickly get moving with sorting out various details, from schedule to prizes, website, announcements, etc. If you’d like to help out or participate, reach out or join the #playtime channel. I hope it will be a good time for everyone to get ideas out into the open and creatively explore them together.
Guide progress is already covered in this week’s newsletter. I am looking forward to wrapping up major construction on the daily spending wallet for the time being and to catch up various other areas that need focus. There are plenty of old issues and topics that have been coming up that should be thought through and addressed. And then there’s always the practical aspect of getting the guide applied IRL in various ways.
We now have 4-5 designers helping out with the new Bitcoin Core App, and our design process also seems to be taking good shape. There’s an insane amount of design work to get through, but we’ll get there bit by bit.
A bit exhausted from travel and then catching up with 500 different things, but it’s all pretty exciting stuff so it’s all good. Thanks to everyone out there making it happen.
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Christoph Ono
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