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Clean-up & easter

Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono
Overall a fairly slow week due to spending two days with family over Easter weekend. Spent most of my work time following up on ongoing tasks, scheming upcoming ones, and taking care of minor guide issues to clean up the backlog a bit.
The new Bitcoin Core App now has some launch dates. A soft launch of the simple V1 node runner mid-May, and a V2 launch with wallet functionality in about 5 months. So far, design and development have been a bit loose to get things rolling. Now we can properly plan out the remaining design work, get things implemented, refined and tested and out to more people. Along with the Summer of Bitcoin project of rethinking how Bitcoin Core is presented online, these two efforts are going to be really interesting to be part of.
Something that came up this week was the topic of PM'ing for open-source projects. Definitely not enough people doing this, but it’s so important to keep collaborations running smoothly. I think every effort and project needs a champion that keeps things organized and generally tells the story of the team/project/mission to a broader audience. This doesn’t have to be someone who is deep into the tech or design details, it can be anyone interested who is willing to help out in this way. I try to do this with the community and guide, as well as the other projects I am involved in. Since this is not an obvious task, it might be helpful to put together an outline of this role, best practices, etc. On my list for next week.
And now a quick video with first wire frames for a “Log in with bitcoin” feature for lightning apps.

Log in with bitcoin - first sketches
Log in with bitcoin - first sketches
And that’s it. Happy Easter. For more, check out the latest bitcoin design newsletter.
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Christoph Ono
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