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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono
How did this week go by so quickly. Does that mean I am having fun?
Let’s start with a video. Here’s a summary of the 2-hour accessibility test session Mo and I did on Wednesday. An excellent way to go deep and learn how a product works, while also helping improve that product (by filing issues) and identifying best practices for the guide. Going to continue doing quick app tests over the next week(s). Also filed an issue for Muun here with a few recommendations, and some older ones I filed on Blue Wallet are here.

Accessibility test summary of Phoenix wallet
Accessibility test summary of Phoenix wallet
As for the guide, a draft PR for the first-use page revision is now up. Hoping I can get that to 95% next week and get feedback.
The new Bitcoin Core App is picking up steam. We started discussing wallet features this week and will have a review session of the QT GUI on Tuesday. Goal is to understand the features and options in the GUI, so we have an idea of what the new app needs to support. At the same time, we need to refresh the UI and also look forward as it seems like there are wishes for new features to get implemented. It’s going to be a mess. But that’s normal for an early design process. You always gather a ton of material, ideas, and opinions and then sort through it and end up with concepts, directions and solutions. I hope we can create some world-class UX here and a solid foundation for future contributors. Something I need to think through is telling the story of this project more publicly.
Was really cool to see (and participate in some of) the various calls this week:
Just a lot going on. More than I can keep up with. It’s awesome, although I would like to be more involved in a few things. Need to get that cloning thing figured out, I suppose.
Anyhow, next week will be about Core, the newsletter and community call, accessibility testing, the UI Kit, first-use page PR, and a bunch of planning things.
Over and out 📻🎙
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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono @gbks

Chronicling my design contributions to open-source Bitcoin.

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