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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono
Spent much of this week visiting family and traveling. Managed to squeeze a few things in still.
First, we had a Learning Bitcoin & Design call on Tuesday. Usually Stephen hosts these, but I hosted this one as it’s a topic I care about a lot - Open Design. We had a really good conversation and it’s clear that the term is very broad and means many things to many people. Hopefully we can, over time with more exchange, create a common understanding around both what it means in the bigger sense, and also how to practice it day-to-day.

Learning Bitcoin & Design: Open Design
Learning Bitcoin & Design: Open Design
Also spent a bit of time mocking-up explorer screens for the Bitcoin Core App. The first version of the app will focus on running a node and didn’t offer much functionality beyond that. Including a block explorer will make it more useful for developers, and casual users who want to check in on the status of a transaction. Next week, I’ll try to see if we can put together a good plan for the V1 and V2 releases and getting the project documentation (on the design side) up to par.
Bitcoin core app explorer concept
Bitcoin core app explorer concept
Another small success this week was that BlueWallet merged a PR to include recovery phrase import in multiple languages (10 in total now). Time to start chatting with a few other wallets about this feature, so it hopefully at some point it becomes a default (guide issue).
There’s an endless list of documents, issue and PRs to review next week, should be fun. Until then, have a good weekend.
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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono @gbks

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