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More planning

Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono
The website is live and we announced the designathon! We got the basic V1 done right in time for the coordinated announcement (blog post) with the Legends of Lightning tournament. Then we went straight back to more planning.
Ideas are now in good shape. We reviewed submitted ideas and added them to the site, and we have a good process for further additions. Goal is that we get many diverse submissions, which can then inspire people to form projects and collaborate together during the event. Here’s to many crazy, weird, ambitious, practical, fun ideas that stretch our brains.
We also have 4 sponsors for prizes now. Some details are still TBD, big thanks to everyone for the support.
Also ongoing is a schedule with calls (dev preview), workshops and jam sessions, as well as guidance and organization on projects. It’s important that participants can easily join, kick-off projects, find collaborators, and generally just focus on doing rather than basic setup. There are many small considerations here, so it takes time to work through them.
I also spent a decent amount on web dev, getting V2, V3, and V4 of the site going. Fun to get hands-on with code for a change, and people seem to like the site. V5 will add a list of projects (design), and then major construction will be done. Content updates will happen via Airtable, and then a minor revision post-event.
With the Legends of Lightning tournament, the idea is that we can cross-pollinate. For example, a project might start with a design sprint during the designathon and produce a solid concept, with mock-ups and a prototype. Then they might continue on to the tournament to actually build it. We’ll have to keep our eyes open for these types of opportunities and try to connect.
And anyways, grew out of the design community, and is part of it, and has a similar mission of bringing in more designers & builders, so we’re all connected. Big thanks to Johns and Ed for their organizational effort.
On to something different, Pete hosted a Fedimint primer, and looks like the YouTube video is already pretty popular. If you are not familiar yet, this is a great overview.

Fedimint Primer
Fedimint Primer
Everything not designathon took backstage this week. We had a design guide jam session and a core app call, and I snuck a few really small clean-up PRs for the guide, but that was about it. Sinking in that time should hopefully allow us to be well-organized later and everyone have a better during the event. Particularly because it starts the same day as the LOL tournament, TABConf, and Bitcoin Amsterdam. It’s going to be a whirlwind.
If you’re reading this, what do you make of the designathon? Cool? Lame? Would you participate? Which ideas stand out?
Now have a good weekend.
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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono @gbks

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