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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono
And it will be called the “Bitcoin Designathon”. The name barely won out over Playtime and Jam Week.

Now that we’re off to the races, it’s all about planning and getting things rolling. Lots to do, from branding and website, to sponsors and prices (along with judges and criteria), putting together a schedule, planning an announcement, creating a call for projects ideas and thinking through how people will register for participation and form groups, and on and on. It’s pretty cool though, and we made good progress this week. Main thing was to get the absolute basics down that need to be started as early as possible, and then move on to the less time-sensitive things, and start filling in the gaps. Special shout-out to Mo for all her contributions. For details, check the pinned document in the #designathon channel.
Overall, I hope can create a nice creative comfort zone for those 12 days, where participants can pursue their ideas together. Whether that’s contributing to an existing project, dreaming of the future, AI generated bitcoin art, solving their own bitcoin-related problems, pushing global adoption, etc… that will be up to everyone to decide. I assume we will get a better sense of what people actually want to do over the next 2-3 weeks as we have more conversations.
A decent amount of time went towards designing a website and starting to build it. The video below shows a first draft.
Bitcoin design community event website mock-up draft
Bitcoin design community event website mock-up draft
Below is a second draft with more detail around the content we need, and how the website can be rolled out over the next weeks.
Designathon website plan proposal
Designathon website plan proposal
And lastly, I also started developing the site, you can check the first version here and a work-in-progress branch with more content here. The code is here. The subdomain is set up, just needs more time to propagate to become available. By Monday, we should have the site up with the basics, so we can then iterate and refine, and figure out all the other things. Some other stuff happening on Monday that will be really nice to see.
If you are interested in submitting ideas that you’d like to see worked on, or participate, or sponsor, or help out otherwise, join the #designathon channel or send me a message.
Other than, we had our two usual Bitcoin Core App calls (one for dev, one for design), and it was awesome to see Michael present designs for a more fleshed-out wallet creation flow (recording).
The end. Have a good weekend.
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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono @gbks

Chronicling my design contributions to open-source Bitcoin.

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