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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono
I am ready for vacation and will be mostly off the next two weeks, except for responding to things. School is off and we have guests, not even a choice there. But it will be good to have a break and focus on family.
But let’s get to this week. The Accessibility page is live now, was great to collaborate with Mo on this. We also had a really good mobile accessibility testing call. Within 20 minutes everyone one the call was up and running testing apps. Now that the page is live, we can next test in a more structured way and file issues (like this one).

Learning Bitcoin & Design: Mobile Accessibility Testing
Learning Bitcoin & Design: Mobile Accessibility Testing
Made some progress in fleshing out a “Sign in with bitcoin” reference design (issue) for lightning applications. The video below has the summary. Ideally, this reduces the time it takes teams to build authentication (and later basic payment flows) for lightning-enabled web apps.
Sign in with bitcoin -  round two
Sign in with bitcoin - round two
As I sorted through this lightning web app stuff, I built out an experimental one. Wish I could do the same for the daily spending wallet, but I’m not good with app development. But for the web, I can actually write some code and be hands-on with the topic I’m researching, which helps me make better design decisions and really get a feel for the “grain” of the tech.
SatPoll.Club - sign in with bitcoin & waste your sats!
SatPoll.Club - sign in with bitcoin & waste your sats!
Also super cool, Wisdom finalized his Android version of the Bitcoin UI Kit. There are now various projects building on or with the kit that the time has come to improve the architecture. It’s a massive Figma file currently with the basic design system, 300 screen mock-ups, various user flows, and various unique designs for pages in the design guide. It will be better to have the main UI Kit file be really good at offering a design system and screen templates for iOS. Then have a second one specific for Android. Content for the guide can be mostly split out, either be reference design or by page. And projects building with the kit can be their own files. Syncing between files will always be a manual process, there’s no way around it with the tools we have. But by having more focused files in a logical structure, the project as a whole should be easier to maintain and use. Wisdom was kind of enough to continue maintaining the Android version, so it will be nice to have a second maintainer. It’s going to take a bit of time to re-organize things when I get back.
The core team also made great progress, we got a peak at the first implementation PR of the onboarding flows this week (thanks for the hard work, Shashwat). Plenty of work to do, but there’s nice momentum right now and things are coming together.
Plenty of other good stuff happening, but my brain is fried for the day. Not sure yet if I’ll post the next two weeks while I’m off. We shall see.
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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono @gbks

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