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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono
So COSCUP is tomorrow, talks starting at 5:00 UTC (7am for me). Should be fun.
Had a really good call with the Bitcoin Core App dev crew on Wednesday (other designers couldn’t make it). Seems like everyone is excited to build this application. It’s a big project though and the need for some structure in how we work through everything is clear. We can’t have too rigid of a process, as we’re in open-source land, but a good rhythm with a sense of what steps to take in which order should help us collaborate better. I put together a doc with suggestions here and hope that others will chime in with their expectations and ideas.
Also spent an hour streaming some design work, loosely reviewing what screens we might need, how people navigate between them, etc. Watch below, it’s better than any Hollywood blockbuster past, present, and future.

Relaxed design work on the Bitcoin Core App - indexing screens and wallet creation
Relaxed design work on the Bitcoin Core App - indexing screens and wallet creation
Got 6 PRs open for the guide, the week was productive in that regard. The daily spending wallet work continues slowly, but we are getting closer to the finish line. Below are all the screens in the section. I gathered them so we can identify inconsistencies. This will help us turn it all into a nice interactive prototype. Should be in good shape there overall.
Screens in the daily spending reference design.
Screens in the daily spending reference design.
A nice addition will be the new capability to add inline video thumbnails to page (example). Community video content has been isolated on YouTube and BitcoinTV so far. Now we can highlight videos relevant to content directly inline (like our presentations about open design on the “Open design” page). Not that we couldn’t just use text links before, but this extra format makes it more natural to do.
Also worked on the newsletter and community call. In the latter, and in a separate discussion with Johns, we talked about conferences and hackathons. Johns spends of course a ton of time on this with Shock the Web. Seems like there is general interest in turning weekend hackathons into more extensive, global, multi-month events. My hunch is that people want to encourage innovation and tinkering in the broader ecosystem, and weekend hackathons are just too limited in what can be achieved. Stumbled across two “hack seasons” (in broader “crypto”) like this with $800K and $5M in total prize money. Can’t really explain the rationale for this other than platforms/foundations looking to boost development on their platforms. Very different incentives, which will lead to very different outcomes. Will be interesting to see how that pans out. For the design community, I’d like to see the idea of bitcoin exploration weeks become a reality, as outlined here.
Was awesome to see the Austin Bitcoin Design Club have their first meetup this week. Couldn’t be there naturally, but listened in on a Twitter Space and Sahil posted about it afterwards. Would be cool to see more of these pop up. Not sure I could find enough designers to start one here, but I’ll have to check.
And decided to get tickets for Surfin’ Bitcoin. Family will be traveling during that time, so I’ll take advantage of that and try to meet some bitcoiners IRL.
Update: Heading to Baltic Honeybadger instead.
Peace and happiness.
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Christoph Ono
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