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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono
It’s been a quiet week filled with many, many online conversations and minor actions pushing various projects slightly along. The type of week that doesn’t necessarily create a feeling of accomplishment, but was productive nonetheless.
The most interesting part was working with Mo on mobile accessibility testing. We’ll have to dig in further and will probably share the results with the community next week. First thing was to figure out how to test in the first place, which we did. Then we tested some wallets and found a ton of accessibility problems that made the applications basically useless for people with visual impairments. Not really surprising, that’s been my experience with web accessibility as well. We (as a tech community) are just really insensitive to those needs because they are invisible to us. We don’t feel them. I hope we can soon create a bit more awareness and improve things in the ecosystem - “design bitcoin for everyone”. It’s really not that difficult to do this better. Would love it if people with those impairments would participate and provide guidance, but not sure if we’ll be so lucky.
And a quick short list of things that are going on:
So interesting how these efforts ebb and flow over time and have their own momentum. Certainly requires a lot of flexibility to deeply participate in open-source.
Is this the first weekly update without an image or video? I’ll just throw one in that shows the block clock states in the Bitcoin Core QML app design.

An image... so this update is not just text.
An image... so this update is not just text.
Also want to mention two links that stood out this week:
Hoping that we can get the design community through phase 3 of the framework mentioned above. Will take coordinated effort. And will be worth it.
Peace 🍰
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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono @gbks

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