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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono
It was a nice mix of different things that happened this week. Just going to touch on a few.
Favorite conversation of the week was around lightning and lightning applications. Ed (hi) contacted me after last week’s newsletter and shared an article with design concepts around “Passwordless authentication” via lightning. Then we had a really good conversation on this in the community call. Just a big open design space that is begging to be explored there.
This Twitter thread on UX for a multi-key batch signing user flow is great. Turns out there’s a whole project being built and the design is based on the UI Kit. Hope this turns into a community collaboration.
A PR with accessibility improvements to went live, this one had been lingering for some time. The new accessibility page is almost ready to go live (preview, PR). Plus, there are various discussions on the topic, and Mo and I are working on a test plan. I think that with a very manageable amount of effort, we’ll be able to put together some good case studies and have a nice foundation for the community.
The Stratum V2 project is slowly moving forward. We already had some initial design explorations, now we have a better idea of the project and website structure. Should allow us to continue more efficiently now and tie up the design and content.

Stratum V2 brand & website: Minor project update on site structure and creative direction
Stratum V2 brand & website: Minor project update on site structure and creative direction
Also really nice to be on the weekly calls with the Summer of Bitcoin students and hear what they are doing. It’s a good group and their first steps look very promising (they are in early discovery for design improvements to Padawan).
A bunch of things happened this week that I have not been able to catch up with yet (like the Blixt call and JoinMarket UI progress). Will have to set aside time for review next week. That tricky balance of being focused on making, and putting in enough time for reviewing and supporting…
And the newsletter came out. Check it.
Have a good one.
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Christoph Ono
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