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Survey time!

Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono
Now for context, there’s an effort by Bosch and Mo to learn how people use the guide in their design process. This survey was launched this week, hopefully lots of people fill it out. And there will be 1-1 follow-up chats with people willing to share more (more on this on the community call recording). Should be interesting…
A bigger thing I finally got to is cleaning up the UI Kit (plan). Don’t know what took this long, but it means a lot of deleting, combining and refining, which is never fun and always bears the risk of breaking links or removing things other people find useful or rely on. But the kit will be leaner, more focused, and easier to navigate afterwards. Will still take a bit more time to wrap it all up, but felt good to get this started.
Mo and I are continuing our accessibility tests. She continued with Phoenix and I did two quicker tests on Zeus (Figma) and Blockstream Green (Figma, issue). Starting to see patterns on common problems, and it seems like the teams are really happy that someone takes the time to test and report these things. These are not fancy design or cutting-edge tech problems, but hopefully doing this will end up making life a little easier for people with accessibility needs.

Summary notes from the Blockstream Green accessibility test.
Summary notes from the Blockstream Green accessibility test.
The two calls (recording of the first one) for Bitcoin Core App design this week were interesting as we mostly reviewed the current GUI to ensure everyone fully understands what it does before diving into a design process. Made me realize that I started designing crypto wallets almost 5 years ago now. Probably can’t see things with the fresh eyes and mind of a newcomer anymore now.
Bitcoin Core App: QT GUI Inspection
Bitcoin Core App: QT GUI Inspection
Really looking forward to seeing V1 of the application be available and polished.
What time is it?
What time is it?
And a few bits and pieces:
  • The first-use page PR is getting reviewed (thanks to all who do). Hope to get it merged next week, then move on to the security and privacy pages.
  • I dribbbled (always forget to do this, but could help create more awareness).
  • Worked on the newsletter with Mo.
  • The merchant section kick-off call was good. Really need people to get things done. Action > words. Many small actions > Lots of big words.
  • The COSCUP schedule is live with our talk and panel. Will have to kick-off the preparation for these on Monday. It’s getting real. But should be fun.
  • The Summer of Bitcoin students on working on Padawan are already midpoint in the program. Time flies. Really nice to see their progress.
  • Also liking Bosch’s new approach with Design Crits (recording for Oshi), really getting into the design details.
And that’s how the cookie crumbles.
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Christoph Ono
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