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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono
Hooray, two pages I worked on got merged this week, Sign in with bitcoin, and Settings. The former is really the more exciting one. From the responses I’ve seen, it seems like not many are aware that authentication and payments on third-party services via lightning wallets are a real thing. I see a lot of potential in this, and a lot of groundwork being laid. We’ll need a lot of experimentation to figure out the right things to build with/on this.
Talking about experimentation, a few people have been discussing about organizing a bitcoin design hackathon for a while now. Looks like it might happen in October, loosely coordinated with a few other hackathons/events/conferences. We’ll have to quickly plan this out and hopefully have a solid concept by end of next week, with a proposal for the whole community. I see it as a reason to set aside the day-to-day for a bit and just focus on the creative, bold, weird, etc ideas and concepts that each of us toy with sometimes but never quite find the time for. Should be fun.
Back to the guide, next week we should be able to merge 3 more bigger PRs. Nice to see those coming together.
Was nice to see the Bitcoin Core App team represented at Surfin’ Bitcoin (photo stolen from Pav).

We had two calls this week (one, two), and in each one a new person joined who was interested in the project, and potentially contributing. Pretty good sign. Hope we’ll see them often.
Contributing on design (the wallet specifically) is a little tricky right now because we’re on the left side of the design process in the diagram below where you make a big mess and explore all kinds of things before you start refining towards a single solution. Probably time to set up a proper roadmap board with clear tasks and start tracking them systematically. Otherwise it will be a mess. Also something I’d like to figure out next week.
Lots of interesting things going on. And then there’s the Baltic Honeybadger conference next week as well. If you’re going, let’s meet up and chat. I’ll be there primarily to meet people in-person.
Happy Sunday 🍻
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Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono @gbks

Chronicling my design contributions to open-source Bitcoin.

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