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By Christoph Ono, builder at GBKS, and tweetable at @GBKS.

Layer Cake


Transparency, blurs and the new motion framework that is part of iOS 7 are going to be the pillars of modern, human interaction design for the next several years.

iOS 7 blurring techniques


Interesting that many of the new blurs use static images to fake real-time blurs. Perception is reality, and knowing how to fake complex effects with simple visual tricks goes a long way to creating magic experiences.

App animations & transitions


iOS 7 places much more emphasis on animation to communicate actions and UI changes. This affects the process of how we design and develop apps, and prototyping animations becomes more important. We will see a lot of discussion on this topic over the next months. Here are some resources I came across so far, and I'll add anything else I find:



Prototyping tools

Other useful tools

iOS 7 includes 283 fonts


Let's get past Helvetica for some more diverse typography. Capcam uses Bodoni, which was already part of iOS 6. Since many of the new interfaces are light on visual elements and use a lot of text, we can now use typography more than ever to create distinct personalities for apps. Note that some of the fonts are not preloaded on the devices, but need to be downloaded, which this article describes how to.


One tricky area will be internationalization. Many of the fonts we know and love in the western world (including Bodoni) do not support the roughly 30,000 characters required for Chinese. To illustrate the difference, Arial Unicode is one of the very few fonts that support all languages. It comes with 38,911 characters and weights in at 25 MB, and only includes regular weight. Bodoni comes with 261 characters. The best approach might be to progressively enhance typography, by relying on system fonts by default and using language specific fonts for certain countries and languages. I will spend more time with this as I start localizing Capcam.

Roundup: Posts about preparing apps for iOS 7


Quite a few companies took the launch of iOS7 as an opportunity to refresh and rethink their apps, and shared some interesting details on their thought processes. Here's a list of articles I found. Each one includes some background and rationale on the respective updates.

Did I miss something? Let me know @GBKS.

iOS 7: Hidden Gems and Workarounds


Some interesting details, such as the new "appStoreReceiptURL" to get the date of the app purchase. Perfect timing for me, since I'm about to move Capcam from paid to IAP, and having the purchase date lets me keep all features unlocked for users who paid for the app.