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By Christoph Ono, builder at GBKS, and tweetable at @GBKS.

Interfaces in need


I posted this on Medium on Tuesday, and the article has gotten 20,000 reads and 400 recommendations in three days. There were lots of great comments and Twitter responses, with a few discussion points coming up that can be addressed in future posts.

The post was fairly quick to write since I thought of the topic over the previous weekend and had my brain marinated in it for a few days. After writing it, I posted in to Design News, where it got 30 points and was the top post for most of the day. I also posted it to Hacker News, with no response at all. The Facebook IXDA Columbus group responded well, and suggested a workshop on the topic.

One reason why I think the post worked well was because it had a very optimistic, can-do tone. The post title, and the tagline were also a very clear summary of the whole post. And I also think that using "Facebook" in the tagline was a big help.

The most critical responses were redesigning and interface without a thorough process involving research, testing, wire framing, etc is not real UX. Others dismissed visual redesigns as not real UX. It's obviously true that a concept redesign by an outsider, and a long-term process integrated into the whole product cycle are very different things. So my next post will be about how different types of approaches and processes make sense in different situations.